EFESO Consulting joins forces with Cognitive Companions


EFESO Consulting joins forces with Cognitive Companions to expand its digital transformation, product development and human dynamics capabilities

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Paris, 13 September 2022 – EFESO Consulting, the operations strategy and performance improvement consultancy, is pleased to announce that they have joined forces with Cognitive Companions, a consulting firm specialized in complex digital transformation programs. This merger reinforces both our presence in France and our capabilities in helping organizations create value from digitizing their operations’ value chain.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Paris (France), Cognitive Companions brings forward thinking in developing and implementing digital transformation plans. The firm has a very distinctive approach leveraging people’s capabilities at every level of their organization to unleash the full potential of cognitive technologies. It has strong expertise in implementing digital backbones analyzing upfront processes, organizations and data models. The team also brings extensive hands-on capabilities and experience covering complex program coordination, innovation lifecycle management and enterprise security strategy for leading companies.

“With Cognitive Companions we deepen our capabilities for digital transformation, in particular in product development and value engineering, smart product development and industry 4.0. We are impressed by the team having strong capability in creating value from complexity. We are convinced the merger will be a strong add-on for our clients having already partnered with them in many projects over the last 5 years. We are excited to welcome the founders Laurent Coulon, Alain Carcasses, Jean-Pierre Dandrieux and Michel Paillet as well as the entire Cognitive Companions team to our family.” Luca Lecchi, Co-CEO of EFESO Consulting.

Bruno Machiels, co-CEO of EFESO Consulting said, “The Cognitive Companions team is composed of extremely talented and knowledgeable people who are committed to helping organizations accelerate their transformation.” Bruno added “We are thrilled to have them join EFESO as we are both driven by the same entrepreneurial and knowledge-sharing spirit. They will contribute to scaling up our digital expertise and fulfill our ambition to co-create the industrial future and to contribute to a better, more sustainable world.”

‘Like EFESO, we promote realistic, measurable, committed and accountable objectives that foster self-reliance and collective development” said Laurent Coulon, CEO at Cognitive Companions. “EFESO’s commitment to serving clients with deep attention to the human dimension echoes our own values. Cognitive Companions was founded to help business leaders define and implement efficient transformation plans and anticipate digital disruptions This merger will both strengthen our expertise and increase the value we’ll co-create with organizations.”

About EFESO Consulting

EFESO Consulting is a global consulting group specialized in operations strategy and performance improvement. We work side-by-side with our clients to accelerate their transformation towards future-proof operations. Each year, we deliver over 1,000 projects for clients across our 35 offices around the world, helping them achieve outstanding business outcomes, and sustainable change. Together with our clients, we aim at contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

At EFESO Consulting we work at all levels of the organization, from boardroom to shop floor, to build momentum and ownership within customer companies. We support them in designing their operations strategy, its execution, passing through improving and enhancing their day-to-day business performance and operations to drive end-to-end value chain performance.

We deliver faster, tangible and more sustainable results while concurrently building our clients capabilities that bring competitive advantage. Over the last 40 years we have continuously developed and evolved out methodologies and practices to best support our clients.

About Cognitive Companions

Our reason for being: To be a companion of organizations and the people who make them run to show what is possible to do and enhance the future perspectives for the next generations”.

At Cognitive Companions, we support our client co-development and execution of their digital transformation plan and in their adaptation and permanent training processes. To carry out this mission, we use in house scientific means: models, approaches, and methods. These means - stemming from the thoughts around constructivism, systemic, pragmatism - allow us to identify with our clients’ solutions to move forward within contexts that are often complex and moving.

Cognitive Companions key know-how relies on digital backbones (PLM, MES, ERP, BIM, SCM, CRM,...),configuration management, system engineering, economic intelligence and cybersecurity. Our range of functional offering covers vision and roadmap building, audit, benchmark, modelization and simulation to support decision making, trigger and support large scale transformation execution.

For any further information, please contact:

Sabrina Laborde, Group Marketing & Communications Director sabrina.laborde@efeso.com

Gael Sandrin, Principal and in charge of communication gael.sandrin@cognitive-companions.com

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